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Copenhagen Science City welcomes new leader

Diana Arsovic Nielsen, Director, Centre for Regional Development, Capital Region of Denmark. Photo: Peter Bjerg

A new member of the Copenhagen Science City development council will help guide the innovation district into the global lead. The partner-organisation Capital Region of Denmark has sent a new representative to the Council, which is the highest governing body of the Innovation District.

Experienced innovation manager

The new member for The Capital Region of Denmark is 42-year old Diana Arsovic Nielsen. She is a recent appointee as director for the regions Centre for Regional Development, and has considerable experience managing innovation projects.

Co-creation with citizens, employees and companies

In 2011, she managed the development of innovation efforts in the Region of Southern Denmark hospital sector. She moved on to the City of Copenhagen in 2015. Here she established the Copenhagen Innovation House, which brings together forces across municipal administrations to develop new solutions with citizens, employees and companies.

Keeping the capital competitive

The Centre for Regional Development works to ensure sustainable regional healthy and green growth and development in close cooperation with the other actors in the region. An important task for the Centre is to train and attract skilled labour so that the Capital Region and Greater Copenhagen can become an even more attractive metropolis in competition with other major cities in Europe and the world.

Strong leadership is crucial for developing an innovation district in direct competition with global leaders. We are very happy to welcome a member with such a fine background to our development council” says Kristoffer Klebak, Head of Secretariat, Copenhagen Science City.

The Innovation District Copenhagen Science City is dedicated to creating the strongest Innovation District in the world. It is a partnership between research- healthcare- and education-institutions, local and regional government and local entrepreneurial stakeholders.