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Copenhagen Science City co-creates start-up events with Biopeople

Brew your own is a new series of events, providing inspiration for start-ups and TO start up.

The life science cluster Biopeople and Copenhagen Science City have now agreed to co-create a series of networking events for startups and entrepreneurs. The name of the series is “Brew Your Own”. The aim? To presents hacks, tips, tricks and inspiration for start-ups and for anyone dreaming of starting a business based on deep tech such as life science, biotech, Artificial Intelligence, nanoscience or similar. By Jes Andersen.

New knowledge. New people

Three events are in the pipeline so far. They are themed around pitching for investments, testing healthcare solutions and building teams. All future events should give prospective entrepreneurs a chance to hear personal stories from founders, learn about free services for start-ups and to meet collaborators, co-founders and possibly even investors and employees. Future events will be posted to the Copenhagen Science City event list and promoted on the districts’ LinkedIn profile

Inspiration for start-ups and entrepreneurs

Seven start-up communities and three research- and education-institutions makes the innovation district rich in potential venues for the “Brew Your Own”-events. Apart from providing inspiration for start-up companies and motivation to start up a business, the organizers hope to make the event series a “Tour de Chambre” of the many collaborators and facilities in Copenhagen Science City.

Events should lead to new solutions

With the new event series, Biopeople and Copenhagen Science City hope to create a forum where university researchers, start-up stars and bright young students can meet, mingle, improve their network and refine their entrepreneurial abilities. Ideally, the new networks should lead to new solutions within diagnostics, therapeutics and rehabilitation.

What is Biopeople

Biopeople is a neutral network organization that works to facilitate matchmaking and collaboration in the Danish Life Science Industry. They do this at events and through covering and supporting themes on the national agenda for life science innovation. Biopeople is hosted by the University of Copenhagen with hubs at Aarhus University and Aalborg University Hospital.

What is Copenhagen Science City

Copenhagen Science City is an innovation district in central Copenhagen. It is home to University of Copenhagen, the University Hospital Rigshospitalet,University College Copenhagen and seven start-up communities with over 350 innovation-intensive start-up companies. Including the three research institutions, the area sees 40,000 researchers, students and staff going to work every day to invent, test and commercialise health-, care- and science-solutions.