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Companies invited to search for exclusive protein insights

Proteomics Research Infrastructure at University of Copenhagen in Copenhagen Science City. Photo, Mikal Schlosser

Almost all diseases are caused when cells produce proteins the wrong way. Too many, too few, or simply the wrong ones. The scientific field Proteomics is dedicated to figuring out where protein production fails, and new discoveries could have huge commercial potential. From August 2021 one of the worlds’ most advanced proteomics research facilities opens its doors to companies that need state-of-the art insights with business potential. The Proteomics Research Infrastructure is located with Copenhagen Science City-partner, University of Copenhagen.

By Jes Andersen

Boosting state-of-the-art research

Since July 2020, The Proteomics Research Infrastructure has been providing mass spectrometry based proteomics analyses to university research communities in Copenhagen. Now they aim to extend their services to commercial researchers throughout the Nordic countries and boost fundamental and applied research in this region.

A magnet for research-intensive life science companies

The Proteomics Research Infrastructure (PRI) is one of several state-of-the-art analysis, trial and test facilities in Copenhagen Science City. These facilities are fundamental for the relevance of the innovation district for the companies the district works to attract, says Chief of Secretariat Kristoffer Klebak.

We aim to build an innovation district which is the best place in Europe to launch or boost a research based business. The Proteomics Research Infrastructure certainly makes our district much more attractive to life science companies or their R&D-divisions”: Kristoffer Klebak, Chief of Secretariat, Copenhagen Science City.

Massive gadget investments

The Novo Nordisk Foundation (NNF) funded the PRI and it is an offshoot of the foundations’ NNF Center for Protein Research at University of Copenhagen. A significant start-up grant has been essential in the facility’s success so far, explains Michael Wierer.

The types of analysis we provide require massive infrastructure investments and a highly trained team to keep the equipment and laboratories running. During the first year after launch, we invested about 25 million DKK in instrumentation alone. Mass spectrometry-based proteomics is a rapidly developing field, and over the coming years, we expect to upgrade our machine-park every two to three years”: Michael Wierer, Director, The Proteomics Research Infrastructure.

Guidance for every step

PRI promises to be an end-to-end service. For companies with reduced access to laboratories this may prove crucial and according to Wierer, the consulting service is a significant advantage of the facility.

Our team consists of proteomic scientists who have deep knowledge in proteomic workflows. We help our customers choose the right measurement strategy, help them get their biological assays right to get the best proteomic data out of their studies and even consult and support in bioinformatics analysis, so no user will be left alone to make sense of a long list of proteins”: Michael Wierer, Director, The Proteomics Research Infrastructure.

State-of-the art machinery

All MS technologies have their benefits and disadvantages. PRI features:

  • Bruker timsTOFpro
  • Thermo Exploris 480
  • Thermo Orbitrap Eclipse
  • Evosep HPLC
  • A one-of-a-kind automated sample preparation robot
  • A fully equipped wet laboratory

We are handling a high number of projects with a comparably small number of people, so we needed to come up with solutions to cope with high-throughput. The automation robot allows the preparation of several hundred samples per day. It also ensures a high reproducibility between samples. As the facility grows and sample sizes increase we will implement even more automation tools”: Michael Wierer, Director, The Proteomics Research Infrastructure.

Simple customer journey

With automation in place, The Proteomics Research Infrastructure is now able to provide their services to companies in the area. Interested researchers and companies can propose projects in writing, or via a registration form on the facility’s website.