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Air-cleaners shortlisted in cleantech competition

Infuser Domisphere luftrenserteknologi er gået til den afgørende runde i nordisk cleantech konkurrence.

The Copenhagen Science City air cleaning-company INFUSER has made it to the third round in the competition “Nordic Cleantech Open”. This places them among the ten most promising cleantech companies in the Nordic Countries. Entering its sixth year, Nordic Cleantech Open identifies, upgrades and highlights the best cleantech start-ups in the Nordics every year.

Competing for investor relations
Nordic Cleantech Open is run by Cleantech Scandinavia, an association providing cleantech related investment opportunities, business intelligence and investment statistics in the Nordics. Every year 100 Cleantech start-ups from around Scandinavia are accepted to the competition after an initial application round.

All losers win too
Each individual company gets a written assessment from a jury consisting of some 40 cleantech venture experts representing venture funds, corporate venture funds with an investment focus on cleantech and various established Scandinavian cleantech companies.

Funnel of success
The feedback reveals strengths and weaknesses of the business and by doing so gives the entrepreneurs an opportunity to address the issues, so in a sense everybody wins. However some are bigger winners than others. The initial 100 are whittled down to 25 and these are reduced to ten.

Air handling system mimics natural atmosphere
Infuser entered the 2017 competition with the product DOMISPHERE – an intelligent air handling system that provides clean indoor air, independent of the surrounding pollution. This happens through a process invented at the University of Copenhagen which mirrors the self-cleansing mechanism of the atmosphere, where gas-phase pollutants and particles are removed.

The overall winner of the competition will be announced on Cleantech Capital Day 3.-4. of April in Oslo