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A business moves to Copenhagen Science City

Professor Matthew Johnson and PhD Nicolai Bork are both involved in research and development at INFUSER. Photo: INFUSER

One of the primary reasons INFUSER moved from Roskilde to Copenhagen Science City was to get closer to the University of Copenhagen.

INFUSER is a young start-up business based on a patented air purification technology developed at the University of Copenhagen’s Centre for Atmospheric Research. The company is now further developing and implementing this technology in close collaboration with the university.

Access to better facilities and expert knowledge

The location in Copenhagen Science City provides enhanced opportunities for the young business to draw on the expertise and facilities of the university.

INFUSER now has a large air purification system in the university’s basement, facilitating collaborations with researchers and students – and giving INFUSER access to specialised knowledge and projects that can be converted into new commercial development opportunities.

INFUSER also utilises the university collaboration for recruitment purposes. The company currently employs a doctoral student, two postdoctoral fellows and two graduate students.

“Our synergy with the University of Copenhagen provides an opportunity to get the right people into the company. It also enables us to develop research towards commercialisation and utilisation in the market.”

Lars Nannerup, CEO, INFUSER

Collaboration strengthens credibility

INFUSER’s new location in Copenhagen Science City provides access to high quality equipment, knowledge and labour within the specialised field of atmospheric chemistry – and another key advantage:

The close connection to the University of Copenhagen gives the company greater credibility and clout, particularly when dealing with potential international customers.

“Our cooperation has great signal value. When dealing with a major customer, our relationship with the University of Copenhagen inspires trust in our capabilities. The high degree of credibility this gives us is invaluable for a company.”

Lars Nannerup, CEO, INFUSER

Tips for succesful collaborations

  • An open collaboration regarding intellectual property is a prerequisite for a fruitful cooperation with the university.
  • Collaborations with the university’s academic environments should be based on mutual respect for each other’s objectives.


INFUSER is a leading air purification company focused on pioneering novel clean-tech solutions that bridge the gap between science and industry. The team of scientists develops, produces and implements technologies for advanced pollution control.