TestTurn your idea into a business

Turn your idea into a business

Start a business, join a start-up or find funding, courses and networking opportunities. Students aiming to become entrepreneurs enjoy a range of benefits and extensive start-up assistance in Copenhagen Science City. Read more here to discover which benefits and assistance programmes match your needs.


University of Copenhagen offers courses on Innovation and Entrepreneurship based on a strong scientific foundation.

Courses on innovation

A range of courses on innovation and entrepreneurship are on offer at the University of Copenhagen for students enrolled in B-Sc., M.Sc. and PHD- programmes.

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SCIENCE Hub offers support and advise to students with entrepreneurial dreams that wish to qualify their ideas as well as assist them in developing competences relevant to starting their own business or work with innovation and development within a given company or organisation. Open Hub Tuesdays 3-5pm.

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SUND Hub at the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences is for students, entrepreneurs and healthcare professionals who want to develop a strong and innovative healthcare idea. It is a gathering place for innovative students and ensures dynamic interaction with the health service and businesses. Open Hub Thursdays 3-5pm.

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DARE2mansion is an innovation hub for startups, corporates and students who want to create scalable positive impact. DARE2mansion is a co-working and event space and provides access to investors, creative outlets, workshops, and learning experience that will shoot your company into the stratosphere.

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Synapse – Life Science Connect, is a student-driven, non-profit organization in the Copenhagen Area that creates events, workshops, and networking opportunities for students and young professionals in order to bridge the gap between academia and the life science industry for a more fluent transition from student to professional.

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