TestGain access to research facilities

Gain access to research facilities

Copenhagen Science City offers access to investment-intensive facilities, technology and know-how that can be difficult for individual businesses to establish on their own.


UCPH Business Collaboration

At the University of Copenhagen, entrepreneurs and small businesses can lease office space or laboratory facilities. Larger meeting facilities can also be rented for individual events associated with the University of Copenhagen.

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Copenhagen Bio Science Park – COBIS – was named the world’s best biotech incubator in 2011 and is centrally located in Copenhagen Science City. COBIS offers offices, research facilities and excellent networking opportunities for life science companies.



Symbion Science Park offers modern laboratory  facilities, as well as package solutions including offices and a joint reception for start-ups and small companies in the biotech and ICT industries.

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Rigshospitalet (University Hospital of Copenhagen) has analytical facilities specialising in mass spectrometry for medical research and training. The facilities are primarily used by researchers related to the hospital, but they also available for use by external businesses and partners.

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Metropolitan University College

Currently under construction, Metropolitan University College’s practice and simulation centre will feature welfare technology facilities for use in cooperation with recipients and suppliers. You can also lease space in Metropolitan University College’s existing facilities.

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